Onslaught Esports

10-LEague North American Esports Team

Formed in 2007, Onslaught Esports has a long track record in esports with recent victories across esports tournaments nationwide. Placing first in MES Black Ops 3 20k and 10k on both Xbox One and Playstation 4,  Onslaught Esports continues to catapulted their team's to new heights with new teams for Rainbow Six, Rocket League, and Smite. 

Within their first year of formation, OS's Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and Smite teams have already made a name for themselves in each game's championship series.

Current Sponsors: Light Speed, Cinch Gaming, Kontrol Freek, Savage Jerky, Gunnar, TomaHawk

Tournament Placements

First MES 20k Black Ops 3
First Place MES 10k Black Ops 3 XboxOne
First Place MES 10k Black Ops 3 Playstation 4
Seventeenth Place UMG DC (Call of Duty Advanced Warfare)
Eighth Place MES 25k Detroit (Call of Duty Advanced Warfare)
Tenth Place Cinch Gaming 20k (Call of Duty Advanced Warfare)
eBash 2015 (Call of Duty Advanced Warfare)
First Place Cinch 10k (Call of Duty Advanced Warfare)
First Place Games for Giving 2015 (Call of Duty Advanced Warfare)
First Place MES 2.5k Advanced Warfare Kickoff
 Fiftieth Place MLB Columbus (Call of Duty Advanced Warfare)
Second Place MES 10k Halo
Third Place NJROD Gears of War UE
Fourth Place ESL 60W Pro League Season One (Gears of War)
Fifth Place MLG World Finals 2015 (Smite)
Eighth Place MLG Smite Pro League
Seventh Place ESL Rainbow Six Pro League
Top Eight Rocket League Championship Series Qualifiers